Happy Navratri!

Happy Navratri!
This festive season long with celebration let’s know the scientific reason behind tradition of this festival.
Navratri, in literary terms, means ‘nine nights’.

Navratri festival is observed, once in the beginning of summer and next in the beginning of winters. If you observe the pattern, it is celebrated at two junctures of seasonal change.
During this time lots of people observe fasting or eat light like only fruits & curd/ milk.
The scientific reason behind fasting during Navratri is to detoxify your body. By eating light for a week, one gets to give digestive system a little rest.
It also helps in rebooting the immune system and gets body prepared for new season.
But Fasting not only has physical but also mental benefits.
Fasting helps one become more aware and mindful. Fasting also helps n developing mind control and helps eliminating negative emotions.
Know benefits of Fasting: https://bit.ly/3Fr8bOU