Laser Hair Reduction

Tired of painful waxing, threading or regular shaving? 

Our state-of-the-art laser treatment is a permanent solution for hair removal! We banish unwanted hair for good by gently targeting the hair shaft, eliminating hair producing papilla. After a certain number of sessions, we successfully help you achieve long-lasting, smooth, hair-free skin.  Unwanted hair on body parts can affect the confidence levels and is a matter of Self image for most in our society. Regular care to remove unwanted hair by means of creams and waxing is time consuming with only short term results. Persons looking for a permanent, effective and stress free way for removing hair can now possible with our world-class permanent laser hair removal treatments. The treatment is completely painless as we bring advanced technology, only for your benefit. 

Does hair reduction really work?

Yes, in clinical trials held by physicians, hair reduction was proven to safely achieve long-term hair removal results.

Which area on my body can I target for hair reduction?

The most common area targeted for hair removal is the face (chin, upper lips, sidelocks), legs, arms, underarms. Laser hair reduction technique can be used on the whole body except nipple area and genitals.

How long does a hair reduction session take?

The time can vary depending on the area of the body to be treated. A full leg can take up to 45 minutes or two underarms could take 10 minutes.

Does hair reduction really work?

Yes, in clinical trials held by physicians, hair reduction was proven to safely achieve long-term hair removal results.

Is hair reduction safe?

Laser Hair reduction technology has been designed keeping your safety in mind. It has been tested and approved by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to meet safety standards.

Is hair reduction treatment painful?

You will feel a slight sensation of heat at the time of the pulse of light. Some individuals with thicker and darker hair growth or sensitive skin feel slightly more heat. But this sensation subsides once the pulse of light has disappeared.

How frequently do I need to take laser hair reduction session?

Laser hair reduction sessions are to be taken once in every two to three weeks till desired results are achieved.

Why do I need to take multiple sessions? When will I see the results?

Hair grows in three stages. Laser hair reduction session targets hair in the active growth stage. So in order to see the desired result; all the hair of a particular area has to be targeted in their active growth stage. This is one of the main reasons that multiple sessions are required over the same area for the desired result.

Depending upon hair thickness and hair density present in the area targeted, the number of sessions required to give complete result varies. On an average after 5-7 sessions skin becomes hair-free.

How should I care for the treated area after laser hair reduction treatment?

The area should be cleaned and maintained with standard skin care products. Special care must be taken to avoid unprotected sun exposure. Strong sunscreen (SPF 50+) and covering the area with clothes are suitable for protection from the sun.

In long term, is laser hair reduction treatment dangerous for my skin?

The use of light and laser has been well documented over 15 years in professional peer reviewed journals and reputed institutions. These journals and institutions have not reported any side effects or damage from laser hair reduction treatment even in long term period.

How many sessions will I require?

For Indian skin total of 6 to 15 sessions over the same area are recommended. A more accurate number of sessions can be suggested after examination by concerned doctors.

Can laser hair reduction be done for chin or elsewhere on the face?

Laser hair reduction can be used for the treatment of facial hair(upper lips, chin, side locks, forehead), same is applicable with other parts.