#FitnessFriday Health Tips for Tata Mumbai Marathon Run 2020

Are you participating in this sunday’s Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020?
Or are your friends, relatives or colleagues ?
If ‘Yes’ then this episode is just what you all need…
Listen to Dr. Asmita Sawe, M.D. Rejoice Wellness Pvt. Ltd. give quick , easy and doable tips to follow from Friday to make your this ‘Run’ the best run!

As she advises eat good amount of carbs in your Saturday dinner. So have Roti, sabji, daal, potato , idli, dosa or sandwiches. also include bananas and dates.
For Sunday breakfast have low fat, high carbs and low fiber meal like, porridge, oats, cornflakes etc. with Fruit smoothie.
And Post run have carb rich meal [rice, idlis, potato, poha, pasta] with lean proteins [chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, broccoli, green peas etc.] and good fats [ Avacado, eggs, chia seeds, fatty fish, nuts etc.]

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with all the runners in your community and make it a memorable experience even for them

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