Science behind Indian traditions with Rejoice Wellness: Epi 10: Wearing ‘copper ornament’

Welcome to episode 10 of series ‘Science behind Indian traditions’…
In India we were been told to wear ‘copper ring or toe-ring or bracelet’ regularly…
We can still see many people observe this practice…
But do you know “Why?” Let’s find out science behind this tradition!

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Most of our Indian traditions have scientific reasons behind them; for easier understanding of masses in old times these traditions were mentioned to be religious practices or given under pretext of pleasing God & Goddesses.
But India was very advanced in terms of science, mathematics & inventions centuries ago and all these traditions were designed to help people live healthier life.
Every week we will try and bring this scientific reason behind 1 Indian tradition in front of you.
Let’s know our traditions in new light of science