#WellnessWednesday Benefits of ‘Water’ intake

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Water intake is one of the most important part of our daily diet.
~70% of our body mass is water content.
It helps us perform many of our life processes smoothly. That’s why it’s one of the major contributors in weight loss process.
It not only provides physical protection to our internal organs. But also protects us by helping detoxification process to remove unwanted waste from body.
Water is also required in normal brain functioning and avoiding mood swings. This water also contributes in mental health.
Normally for an adult ~3 liters (~96 Oz) of water per day is required.
But there are many water soluble vitamins and minerals which may get flushed out and cause deficiency if you overdose on water.
Thus for an adult daily water intake should not go above 5 liters (160 Oz).
Stay healthy and stay hydrated!