#WellnessWednesday Did you know your ‘Calcium’???

Did you know your ‘Calcium’???
Calcium is very important mineral. We all know ‘Calcium’ plays important role in bone and teeth health. But it is very essential for muscle functionality and heart health.
Recommended daily intake (RDI) of ‘Calcium’ is 1,000 mg for adults.
For women above age of 50 and everyone above age of 70 the RDI is 1,200 mg.
For children between age of 4-18 the RDI is 1,300 mg.
Now that we know this;
Let’s see what are the sources that can help us get enough of ‘Calcium’ through our food.
As per common ageold knowledge we know ‘dairy’ is the ‘Calcium’ rich source.
So let’s first understand ’dairy’ sources.
And then ‘non-dairy’ sources of ‘Calcium’
– Cow’s Milk (100grams) : 120-125 mg
[1 cup (237 ml) of cow’s milk has 276-352 mg depending upon whether whole or nonfat varieties.]
– Yogurt (100grams) : 122mg
[1 cup (245grams) of
Plain yogurt has 300mg
Low fat yogurt has 450 mg
But Greek yogurt has less than Plain yogurt]
– Paneer (100 grams) : 420mg
– Sesame seeds (100 grams) : 1000mg
[1 tablespoon (9 grams) has 90mg of calcium]
– Firm Tofu (100 grams) : 350mg
– Beetroot greens (100 grams) : 114mg
[1 cup (144 grams) cooked beet greens has 164mg]
– Spinach (100 grams) : 136mg
[1 cup (225 grams) cooked spinach has 245mg calcium]
– Almonds (100 grams) : 264mg
– Sardine (with bones) (100 grams) : 381mg
– Salmon (with bones) (100 grams) : 200-230mg
– Egg (100 grams) : 50mg
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