#WellnessWednesday Getting slim down while you sleep!?

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Yes you can slim down while you sleep!
As we do burn calories while we are asleep.

During sleep though we are inactive our body is busy.

The research says we burn
0.82 calories per kg weight per hour during good night sleep / deep sleep.
(Calculate for your own weight)

Research shows;

  • Deep sleep restores energy and regulates appetite.
  • Adequate sleep reduces calories, fat and carbs cravings and intake.

On the other hand;

  • Sleep deprived individual feels hungrier and craves sweet, salty food.
    Leading the individual to eat ~550 calories extra per day.
  • Lack of sleep can reduce your ability to respond to insulin by 30%. Causing Insulin resistance.

For more details; check this space on Saturday 11th November.