Balanced meal plate is a must for health!?


Balanced meals are very important in maintaining health. They are also necessary for achieving results of weight loss or weight gain also.
Each nutrient has its own dedicated function and specific required quantity to form a balanced meal plate.
Our food has Macro & Micro nutrients which play a vital role. These nutrients are Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals.
To form a balanced meal plate, fill 50% of plate with veggies & fruits which give Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals. You can make cooked veggies & salads to cover this 50% of plate.
Divide remaining 50% in 2 parts. As in 25% of total quantity is to be Protein rich food like Dal, Sprouts, milk products like curd, paneer, Tofu, non-vegetarian food like eggs, fish, chicken.
These foods also bring healthy fats to the plate.
And remaining 25% of total quantity need to be filled with Carbohydrates food like whole grains.
There needs to be a glass of water along with these foods to complete this balanced plate.
So now try to make your every main meal a balanced meal.
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