Banana Cinnamon Roll

#silverlining to #lockdown

What are you cooking today?

Sending you my yesterday’s evening lockdown special snack recipe …
Try it out … It’s yummy, easy and healthy! 😋

Banana Cinnamon Roll
6 Bread slices
2 Bananas
1 tbsp Cinnamon powder
2 tbsp milk / almond milk/ soya milk
½ teaspoon honey
1 egg [optional] Salt as per taste
½ spoon ghee to shallow fry the rolls
Cut corners of bread slices
Flatten the bread slices with rolling pin
In 1 bowl mash the bananas
Add honey, cinnamon powder & 2 tbsp milk to banana in the bowl.
Layer each slice of bread with this mixture and role the bread rolls
In 1 bowl take egg, add salt and honey.
Mix it well.
Role the bread rolls in egg mixture.
On frying pan add a little ghee and shallow fry the rolls from all sides till it turns golden brown.
Garnish with milk, honey & cinnamon mixture [optional].