High Protein Herb Spread

This High Protein Herb Spread is flavorful, creamy, and perfect for dipping fresh veggies or pita chips, adding to sandwiches or toast, or even using as a pasta sauce. 😋 High Protein Herb Spread Ingredients: Paneer/ tofu Garlic Green chillies Salt 1tbs Olive oil Ice Chilli flakes Dried herbs Coriander How its made: ▫️Blend together homemade paneer, garlic, green chillies,

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Sugarless Ice Cream

Summer is peaking and all of us want that chilled ice-cream to sooth our soul… So what… if you are on a weight loss program? Living happily is definitely part of becoming the ‘Best Version of Yourself’ So here’s a summer special ‘Sugarless Ice Cream’ recipe just for you. Sugarless Ice Cream Ingredient: Procedure:

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Makhana Raita

Makhana is rich in nutrients. Despite their nutrient-dense profile, makhana is an ideal snack for weight management due to their low calorie content. It’s very good for digestive health, Heart Health, Diabetes Management and Stress Reduction. Try this crunchy ‘Makhana Raita’ and add healthy twist to your meal. Makhana Raita Ingredients: Makhana 50gmsCurd 500gmsPomegranate pearls 25gmsChopped mint leaves 1tbspChopped coriander

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