Body image perception impacts obesity management!?


Everyone is beautiful the way they are. Because there is more to every individual than their body weight, size or shape.

But due to societal mindset, media, marketing gimmicks etc. our society has attached negative connection to obesity, overweight and fat body.

This causes wrong body image perception in individuals who are Obese, overweight or fat. This causes lots of mental stress, depression and eating disorders etc. These lead to increase in fat accumulation and weight gain.

Obesity is a disease which needs proper attention and plan of action as any other physical or mental disease. Obesity is definitely a harmful condition causing lots of other health issues. But body shaming or wrong body image creation does not help resolve it for sure.

Obesity is multifactorial disorder. And hormonal irregularities, stress, eating disorders, lifestyle issues are few of the key factors in causing obesity. And it needs to be tackled by working on all these factors. Obesity needs to be addressed for the harm it causes to internal organs and other diseases that it causes in body.

We need to tackle obesity because we all need to work on being the ‘Best Version of Ourselves’, function at optimum level of efficiency. But forming wrong body perception can do more harm than good.

So yes, wrong body image perception is one of the contributing factor for Obesity.

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