Did You Know??? Vit C

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Did You Know???
Vitamin C is essential water soluble vitamin. Body doesn’t produce or store it so it’s important to get it through food.
It has antioxidant properties that helps boosting immunity and keeping infections like common cold at bay.
It also helps in Iron absorption.
For adults daily requirement is 75 to 90 mg.
Upper limit being 2000mg.
There are lots of supplements available in pharmacy but if you include natural sources in your daily diet that will be a better protocol.
10 Sources of Vitamin C to include in daily diet are;
1) Amla (Indian Gooseberry) (100gms) contains 600mg Vit C.
2) Oranges (100gms) contains 53.2mg Vit C.
3) Capsicum (Bell Pepers) (100gms) contains 137mg Vit C.
4) Cabbage (100gms) contains 124 mg Vit C.
5) Guavas (100gms) contains 228 mg Vit C
6) Papaya (100gms) contains 61 mg Vit C.
7) Tomato (100gms) contains 23 mg Vit C.
8) Lemons (100gms) contains 53 mg Vit C.
9) Cauliflower (100gms) contains 88.1 mg Vit C.
10) Kiwi Fruit (100gms) contains 93 mg Vit C.