DIY “Hibiscus Clay Antioxidant Face Mask

Its “Ganapati Festival” just around the corner and here we have “Ganpati Bappa’s” favourite flower Hibiscus and it’s wonderful use!
You can make your DIY “Hibiscus Clay Antioxidant Face Mask” as it has anti-aging antioxidants that will help your skin remain fresh & glowing!

* 2 tablespoons dried hibiscus sometimes called hibiscus tea
* 1 tablespoon bentonite clay
* 1 teaspoon honey
* 1 tablespoon rose water

1. Add your hibiscus to a coffee grinder/spice grinder. Grind until the leaved are a fine powder, and add to a small bowl.

2.Using plastic or wood utensils, mix together the clay and hibiscus.

3.Add in honey and rose water.Stir together using wooden or plastic spoon.

4.Apply the mask to your clean and exfoliated face (see notes!) in an even layer, and let sit until dry. Splash your face with warm water to soften the mask and then remove with a wet towel.�
5. Apply a natural toner (ice cube) and then a moisturizer on your face.

Special Notes-
🎀 You must use non-metal bowls, containers, and utensils when making and storing your mask. Metal will deactivate the clay and remove its detoxing properties.

🎀Be sure to exfoliate your face before applying the mask to remove dead skin cells and any dry patches.

🎀Dry patches or dead skin can be dyed purple by the mask. To avoid this exfoliate well with a gentle scrub before mask use.
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