Multigrain Ladoos

Here’s Diwali Special treat…
This Diwali don’t kill yourselves keeping away from sweet ladoos…
Enjoy‘Healthy Multigrain Ladoos’
And celebrate Healthy and Happy Diwali…

Multigrain Ladoos
1/2 cup Bajra flour
1/2 cup Ragi flour
1/2 cup Jowar flour
1/2 cup Wheat flour
1 tbsp Almonds (soaked and peeled)
2 tbsp flax seeds (roasted)
1 1/4 cup Jaggery
1 tbsp Ghee
2-3 Cardamoms (powdered)

Procedure :

  1. In a kadai dry roast ⅓ cup mixed dry fruits (almonds ) for 2-3 min stirring continuously.
  2. Switch off flame. Let it sit for 3 min.
  3. Grind to coarse powder in mixer grinder.
  4. In a kadai roast 1 cup multigrain flour for 10 min on low flame stirring continuously. Do not over roast.
  5. Add 1tbsp ghee.
  6. Mix well & cook for 2-3 min on low flame.
  7. Switch off flame.
  8. Let it sit for 5-7 min.
  9. Add coarsely ground dry fruit powder, ¼ tsp cardamom powder, grated jaggery & using hands mix well ensuring no lumps. (Ensure mixture is not completely cooled down or else jaggery will not mix well.)
  10. Take little mixture in hands greased with ghee & make round ball shape ladoo out of it.
  11. Decorate & put it in plate.
  12. Prepare all ladoos in same way. (Step 10-11).
  13. Let is set for 30-60 min & then it is ready to eat!
  14. Store for 7-10 days in airtight container.

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