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Wow… Congratulations @drasmitasawe on featuring on @doctor_tales 👍
Ma’am, it’s a Well deserved and beautifully penned feature! 👏👏👏
Thank you @doctor_tales & @_drashty__ for the efforts .
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~Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
🙌 Hello!
~ Being a Doctor and being so generous and Gorgeous is difficult.
Dr. Asmita Sawe , a Homeopathic Doctor, a Nutrition Expert, Acupressure Therapist, Reiki Master , an Entrepreneur and an Amazing human inside out.
It’s truly difficult to find a person having a burst of some much Positivity.
An Incredible human, best daughter and best dog mamma , also a very good guide and a best friend ❤️💯
Truly an inspiration to look up to .
~ Started her own career, and also managing it single handedly hassle free with dignity.
Owns and manages Rejoice Wellness.
A Health and Beauty clinic.
Dr Asmita always states : Do good Karma and one day it’ll return to you ! In a very good way!
~ Most successful people you’ve heard of has been faced with adversity – often that’s what lead to their victory.
Special thanks to @_drashty__