*#WellnessWednesday* know your ‘Kulith’ ?!

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Kulith called Horse gram in English is the miracle pulse or Indian superfood.
Recent research says, Kulith is the most protein-rich lentil found on the planet.
It is very high-powered pulse. That’s why race horses are fed with this gram, which is called Horse gram in the market.
*For Nutrition facts:* 100 grams of Kulith gives 321 Kcal of energy.
22 grams of proteins, 0 grams of fats , 57 grams of Carbs & 287 mgs of calcium, 5 grams of fiber & 3 grams of minerals.
*Health benefits of this medicinal Indian superfood* are as follows;
• It is high in iron, calcium, zinc and protein. In fact, kulith has the highest calcium content among pulses and is one of the richest vegetarian sources of protein
• low in fat and high in carbohydrate content so your energy levels will be high
• Since kulith is full of dietary fibre, it aids in weight loss by enclosing the fat molecules and stopping the absorption of fat.
• low in lipid and sodium content, and its slow digestible starch make ideal for diabetic and obesity patients.
• But at the same time due to its nutritional properties it also is good for curing malnutrition.
• Kulith is low in calories. It can keep your bad cholesterol levels in check and prevent the risk of heart diseases. Also, consuming kulith will provide you with protein and fibre, which will keep you full for long and prevent you from eating more. Thus, you will eat only healthy food and won’t put on weight.
• Kulith has folic acid and phenolic acid. These are antioxidants which can be helpful in losing weight. Also useful for kidney stones, ulcers, constipation, piles, menstrual irregularities, boosting sperm counts and treatment of diarrhea
• Unprocessed kulith dal can help in controlling blood sugar as it slows down digestion of carbs and reduces insulin resistance.
• Traditionally, kulith dal has been proved to be beneficial in dealing with conditions such as asthma, jaundice and water retention. The dal can be helpful for conjunctivitis and piles as well.
• Astringent and diuretic properties of the dal can ease out extracting phlegm. It keeps fever under control and also controls levels of cholesterol in the body.
• It is also beauty miracle pulse for its healing effects on dark circles. It also prevents stretch marks & give soft healthy skin.
But you need to be cautious also;
As it can generate heat within the body. It should be avoided;
• If you suffer from menstrual problems, like heavy bleeding.
• If you have gastric problems or hyperacidity.
• If you are a male undergoing fertility treatment.
• If you are a pregnant woman.
• If you are a patient of tuberculosis.
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