#WellnessWednesday Know your ‘Matki sprouts’?!

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Know your ‘Matki sprouts’?!

Matki is also called ‘Moth beans’. Sprouted Matki is a commonly used in regular Indian diet. Today let’s know the health details about them…

Sprouted and boiled Matki is brimming with protein, calcium, iron and fiber.

Nutrition Facts per 100grams

Calories 40, Proteins 4 gms, Carbs 6 gms, Fibre 2 gms, Fats 0.

Also vitamins like Vit B, Vit C & Minerals like Calcium, Phosphurus, Zinc, and Iron.

It contains Sodium 6 mg & Potassium 400 mg.

Nutrition Benefits:

1] Folate in Matki plays a part in maintaining immunity, cardiovascular health, mental health and cellular processes like DNA creation.

2] Folate in Matki also helps combat fatigue.

3] Magnesium helps maintain healthy muscles, bones and teeth, nervous system health and cell division.

4] Matki is also rich in iron which plays an important role in red blood cell formation, maintaining immunity and fighting fatigue. It also aids cognition

5] Matki is filled with phosphorous which is required for healthy teeth and bones, and healthy cell function.

6] The manganese present in matki helps protect cells from damage and helps maintain connective tissue health.

7] Matki is also a good source of copper which helps protect cells from free radicals, and helps keep your immune and nervous systems healthy.

8] Matki also helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

9] Moth beans are rich in antioxidants like phenols, carotenoids and flavonoids. These antioxidants help reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and age-related degenerative conditions.