केळ्याचं ढेबरं ( ‘Maharashtrian’ Special Banana Pancakes)

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Family cooking together is always fun!
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Here we bring you another yummy recipe 🤗

केळ्याचं ढेबरं (Special ‘Maharashtrian’ Banana Pancakes)

6 large bananas (little overripe)
1 bowl rava / suji
1/2 bowl ghee
1. Mash bananas well. Make sure no chunks are left behind.
2. Add rava / suji in the banana mash. Mix well. (Make sure mixture is gooey)
3. Heat the fry pan and add 1 tsp ghee.
4. Now add the dollop of mixture to fry pan and spread it in pancake (ढेबरं)shape. 🥞
5. Turn the pancake (ढेबरं) and let the other side cook well.
6. Once both sides are golden brown ; remove from flame.
7. Enjoy it warm. ;

Note: This yummy ढेबरं (pancake ) recipe is super healthy. It is traditional Maharashtrian recipe running in households for generations.
This quick to make as well as filling ढेबरं recipe is perfect for hunger pangs.
It is all ages friendly and even ‘pet’ friendly since there is no added sugar or salt.
This is a perfect diet dessert.
Try it out… 😋