#FeedbackFriday by Mrs Urmila Nabar & Mrs Hazel Fernandes







Due to lockdown we are not meeting all you lovely people in person ….
Not getting a chance to service you in person and get your feedbacks…
But we love it when all of you constantly making ‘Positive’ choices in your lockdown life!
Thank you Urmila Nabar Ma’am for this lovely feedback… 😊🙏
Thank you Hazel Fernandes Ma’am for trying out this recipe and sending us the feedback… 😊🙏

Your these gestures keep motivating us and make us strive to serve you even better ! ☺️
We are soon opening up and will love to meet you and service you again!
Great job making a healthy Recipe choice for yourself and your family! 👏👏👏
Anyone who has missed on this super healthy tasty ‘Breakfast Smoothie’ & ‘ढेबरं (Maharashtrian style Banana Pancakes) recipes…
You can find it in our Instagram and Facebook feed.😊🙏