#WellnessWednesday #SummerSpecial Watermelon Health Benefits

#SummerSpecial #WellnessWednesday









On Summer food list the first and obvious entry is ‘Watermelon’

Watermelon not just tastes great but it’s also super healthy !

– we need a lots of hydration during summer days and 91% of ‘Watermelon’ is made of water.

– it is filled with nutrients like Vit A, Vit B5, Vit C, antioxidants, amino acid Citrulline, Copper and Potassium.

– Watermelon juice is a good recovery drink after workouts. Compounds found in it have healing effect on muscle soreness.

– Researchers have found ‘anti cancer ‘ properties in compounds present in ‘Watermelon’.

– Seceral nutrients in ‘Watermelon’ have ‘heart health’ benefits.

– Watermelon has anti inflammatory antioxidants present. Reducing inflammation means many chronic diseases reducing.

– These antioxidants and anti inflammatory factors also help to maintain ’Eye health’.

– No need to say but with so many vitamins and minerals ‘watermelon’ is good for your skin and hair.

– It has only 30 calories per 100 grams of ‘Watermelon’ this makes it a perfect ‘binge food’ during summer.

Now enjoy your bowl of ‘Watermelon’ with extra smile of health! 😋😉