Breakfast Oats Yogurt shake

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As we all are fighting Corona by staying at home; here is a fun healthy recipe to sort out your “what to make for breakfast?” Worry.

Also giving lots of ingredients options so you can avoid going out to make this










Breakfast Oats Yogurt shake

1 cup of milk/ almond milk/ soya milk for vegan shake
½ cup of yogurt
1/4th cup of overnight soaked oats / ½ cup of cornflakes
1 cup non-citrus fruits like banana/ apple/ chikoo/ berries/ watermelon etc.
1 tbsp of honey
2-3 dates
1 tbsp of chia seeds / sabja seeds soaked
1 tsp peanut butter/ almond butter [optional] 2-3 Ice cubes

Put it all in blender and blend it well.

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